Rail Operations Group and Stadler in tri-mode loco plan

THE creation of a tri-mode locomotive based around the Class 68/88 bodyshell and built by Stadler could come to fruition within two years if plans confirmed by the Rail Operations Group (ROG) take shape.

ROG wants to combine the best elements of the mixed traffic ‘68’ and ‘88s’, but also add in battery technology to give the loco greater flexibility.

An impression of how a Class 93 might look in Rail Operations Group livery.

Looking to the future, ROG believes running older Class 37 and 47 diesel locos, especially under 25kV wires, will come under increasing environmental pressure in future years, plus it does nothing to bolster the green benefits rail can offer.

As these classes are already 50 years old, it is questionable how much longer they can continue.

With the conceptual idea based on a Bo-Bo wheel arrangement, and already dubbed as the ‘Class 93’, advances in battery technology could see a loco fitted with a 2,000hp fuel-efficient and clean diesel engine, supported by Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) batteries connected to an alternator to power the traction motors.

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