The Railway Times

Welcome to a special publication drawn from the archives of The Railway Magazine.

Issue 1

In this issue of Railway Times, we have a five-page history of the Stockton and Darlington Railway – the first public railway on which locomotive traction was employed, and intended to carry both passengers and goods. In the 1850s horse dandies were still employed – these were attached at the end of a train of wagons, and the horses were trained to jump in on the down gradients, and ride as passengers until their services were again required to head the load!

On page 10, there’s a fascinating history of train indicators at Waterloo, written in 1898 and on page 12, a look at how The Railway Magazine covered World War II.

Cannon Street Station 1866 to 1966 is featured on page 20 – originally published in two parts, in the August and September 1966 issues of The Railway Magazine.

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