Station lights on, but no one at home

WHILE out and about on my travels, I noticed the station lights were on at Thorne South at midday on a gloriously sunny October 8.

Back home, I notified Northern trains via their Facebook page and attached a photograph for their information.

They thanked me for notifying them and advised their station team would be notified.

The following week, back in Thorne at lunchtime on October 17, all 29 station lights were on at Thorne South, and I sent another message via Facebook. This time I did not receive a reply.

Thorne South station lights on at lunchtime. Maybe they are powered by the wind turbines in the distance? GEOFF GRIFFITHS

Roll forward to November 12 when I was back in Thorne…and yes, you’ve guessed it, all the lights are still on.

Northern was notified for a third time, but failed to respond.

Makes me wonder whether it is worth trying to be helpful these days?

Geoff Griffiths
By email

The waste of energy is scandalous, and begs the question whether the station lights have photo-electric cells or a timer to activate them. It is disappointing Northern have not acted, and raises questions over how many similar problems exist with station lights burning away unnecessarily – Ed.

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