Meiningen wins contract for new ‘P2’ boiler design

THE German firm of DB Meiningen has once again been employed by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (A1SLT) – this time to undertake the £50,000 design work for the boiler of new Gresley ‘P2’ No. 2007 Prince of Wales.

The new boiler is being designed to be interchangeable with the diagram of 118A boiler built by Meiningen for ‘A1’ No. 60163 Tornado, but will incorporate several changes and improvements as a result of a decade’s operation of Tornado on the main line and on heritage railways.

No boiler as yet, but the style of No. 2007’s boiler cladding shows how the shorter-diagram 118B boiler will be hidden so that no visual clue of the change can be seen. DAVID ELLIOTT/A1SLT

Meiningen is using the diagram of 118A boiler as a basis, which the A1SLT owns the designs for, and will update it to include such modifications as:

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■ Two additional washout doors in the front upper area of the barrel

■ Increased thickness of the bottom of the foundation ring from 35mm to 40mm and use of forged foundation ring corners

■ Reduce the height of the dome by 1in and re-profiling of the dome to clear the boiler cladding on ‘P2’

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■ Washout doors with metric threads

■ Interchangeability with Tornado’s boiler

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