Flour Mill to overhaul boiler of Collett ’56XX’ No. 6695

BILL Parker’s Flour Mill workshop has begun the overhaul of Collett ‘56XX’ 0-6-2T No. 6695’s boiler following its move from the West Somerset Railway’s Williton works on January 26.

Since the boiler’s arrival in the Forest of Dean Flour Mill engineers have removed the steel stays from the known problem areas of the outer wrapper. The plate work has been cut away, together with all foundation ring rivets.

The complexities of a relatively straight-forward repair can be appreciated in this view of No. 6695’s firebox, showing the removed plate and the number of stays and foundation ring rivets that have had to be drilled out. FLOUR MILL

The foundation ring is largely exposed, so the boiler will be turned upside down, and the ring removed for assessment and repair.

Additionally, the lower section of the firebox throatplate will be cut out and replaced, with attention also being given to the lap seams on the copper inner firebox, where rivets and patch screws will be replaced as necessary.

Steel side stays and crown stays will be renewed where required.

Away from the firebox area, re-riveting of the safety valve mounting pad is required, as is the repair of the internal steam pipes and a full re-tube; the superheater elements are those fitted when still in British Railways service.

Volunteers from the 6695 Locomotive Group are working on the locomotive at Williton, with ongoing assistance from West Somerset Restoration Ltd.

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