First production ‘D-Train’ nears completion at Long Marston

VIVARAIL is progressing well with the first production ‘D-Train’ set – No. 230002 – at its Long Marston base in Warwickshire.

Unlike the prototype, No. 230001, the three-car diesel unit, will feature AC rather than DC traction motors, and is fitted out in what Vivarail calls its ‘City’ configuration, similar to the District Line ‘D Stock’, with longitudinal seating.

The first production Vivarail ‘D-Train’ No. 230002 on jacks inside the company’s Long Marston workshops. Vivarail has incorporated a number of modifications to this unit, learnt from experience with the prototype. BEN JONES

A large number of other improvements, based on experience with the prototype, have also been incorporated into the second train.

The vehicles have been stripped right back to bare aluminium bodyshells, refurbished, rewired and fitted with diesel generator set (gensets) supplied by Strukton in the Netherlands. Two gensets per car, powered by Ford 3.2-litre diesel engines, provide electricity for the traction motors on the two outer cars of the set.

The centre car is a trailer vehicle containing a fully accessible toilet.

Other improvements include a Passenger Information System, LED lighting, and new door controls with Selective Door Opening (SDO) capability.

New gangways will be fitted between the cars, replacing the London Underground emergency doors.

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