The Postgraduate Diploma in Railway Studies – taking your knowledge of British railway history further

The Postgraduate Diploma in Railway Studies – taking your knowledge of British railway history further

If you have had a yearning to learn more about Britain’s railway history, and where the railways fit into the nation’s broader historical landscape, the University of York, Centre for Lifelong Learning’s postgraduate diploma in Railway Studies is for you. Taught over two years part-time, completely online, you will join a vibrant community of learners exploring the social, economic, political, cultural and business history of the railways between 1830 and 2002 through six dynamic, diverse and compelling modules, and two optional residential weekends held at the National Railway Museum.

On the course, you will examine everything from how the movement of goods and people shaped the nation’s society and economy, to more fundamental questions surrounding what over the last 200 years politicians and the public have argued the railways were for. You will explore how in the 19th century the railways shrunk the notions of time and space, and how this was represented in culture, to the pay and conditions of railway workers. You will come to appreciate the financial, managerial and operational problems the railways have been faced with over the period, and how this was shaped by social, economic and political factors.

There is much for you to explore, much you will learn, and new ideas to be played around with. So why not hop on board this September. For further details go to or email

Student Quotes

“I have found the University of York to be a friendly place, and the people more than willing to help when I have a question… I cannot recommend this programme, its tutor and the University too highly.”

“Stimulating and challenging, the source material is well laid-out in weekly and termly segments and we are guided sympathetically through the rigours of post-graduate academia…the course content explores many facets of British Railway History that as a ‘hobbyist’ I was previously unaware – I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Whether you’re a new graduate, or an ‘older gent’ like me, there’s a lot to learn through this course, and in a way that can be readily managed… and the staff, especially tutor David Turner, have been assiduously attentive, responsive and constructive.”

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