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Welcome to Peter’s Railway – Christopher Vine’s series of 17 books tell the story of Peter and Grandpa building and operating a railway across their farm. Combining real engineering with true stories and adventures, these books feed inquisitive minds!

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This page gives you more information about the books, a link to our free E-book and has a fendish Spot-the-Difference puzzle for extra fun!

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“Keep the books coming, they are exactly right for little boys and girls with curious minds!” Sue M.

“Thank you Chris, your latest book arrived today. Jude will be so happy, when he reads your special message, and realises that you have signed it, especially for him..” Linda K.

“I wish I could have had these books when I was a boy; they would have given me as much pleasure as they do now; and SO much information!” Sir William McAlpine.

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“Theo absolutely adores the books and has a chapter before bed every night. We have all 5 hardbacks, and we read them over and over again…!” Lucy E.

Latest books

Grandpa Goes Bananas

The children and Grandpa play trains on an epic scale, causing complete havoc!
The fourth “Little” book – for younger readers.

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Age 3 to 6 years, 32 pages, paperback, 15 x 14 cm, £2.99 ISBN 978-1-9088970-60 Out Now



Rain, Steam and Speed

Caught in a storm, two young girls dry out in a locomotive. Cheekily, they end up stealing the train!
Another of Grandpa’s amazing-but-true stories.

Age 6 to 12 years, 32 pages, paperback, 15 x 14 cm, £2.99 ISBN 978-1-9088970-77 Out Now !


The original hardback series – stories, adventures and technical pages – £11.99

The five hardback books tell the charming story of Peter and his Grandpa building and running their steam railway across the farm. At the ends of chapters are special how-it-works pages with simple (but accurate) explanations of what has been happening in the story. In addition, Grandpa tells some wonderful stories from the old days on the railways. 96 pages, 24 x 17 cm, 30 watercolour pictures, 14 pages of technical drawings. Age 6 to 12 years. ORDER NOW

Spot the difference

Can you spot 20 differences in these pictures? Grandpa is driving Fiery fox in the book Peter’s Railway – The Picnic. Some are easy to see, others are very hard! There is a secret web page which shows all the differences by flashing one image over the other so your brain can ‘magically’ see them – www.petersrailway.com/spot

Visit www.petersrailway.com for more information.

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