‘Red’ livery first up for ‘Patriot’ 2018 roll out

LMS Crimson Lake will be worn by the new-build ‘Patriot’ when it is rolled out in 2018.

A foretaste of what’s to come in 2018: Heritage Painting’s Mike O’Connor applies the yellow cabside ‘5551’ numerals for the new ‘Patriot’ during a live demonstration at the NEC in November 2013. BOB SWEET

The livery will be the first to be applied to No. 5551 The Unknown Warrior after the LMS-Patriot Project gave its donors the opportunity to select the scheme by way of a four-choice vote.

‘Red’ won over its three rivals: LMS post-war black, British Railways lined black and lined green; the latter was the second choice.

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The decision goes against traditional form for livery polls, which generally favour 1950s BR condition, partly on account that it is the most prominently recognised and recalled era of the enthusiast community.

There is also a meaningful rake of LMS carriages that No. 5551 will be readily adaptable to, in the form of the string of Crimson Lake stock that dates from 1934 to 1950.

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