Winter Sulzers at Dartmoor

The Dartmoor Railway ran a Sulzer weekend on February 4-5 with the three locos and five of the vehicles used on the Christmas ‘Polar Expresses’.

At the end of the Dartmoor Railway’s Sulzer weekend the locos and stock were taken to Meldon Quarry Sidings for which No. 47828 was attached to the front of No. 33035 at Okehampton, to form the 5M10 working. DAVID HUNT

The event was held in conjunction with the Dartmoor Railway Supporters’ Association.

The train was formed on Friday (3rd), with Class 33 No. 33035 on the Crediton end of vehicles Nos. 9492, 6181, 6002, 5920 and 977335 (Rocket ex-DTSO No. S76277 from 4-TC set No. 405), and ‘Peak’ No. 45060 Sherwood Forester on the Meldon end.

This ran to provide supervised experience of the handling of air-brake trains for drivers from the loco-owners, Pioneer Diesel Locomotive Group.

On Saturday this formation worked three return trips from Okehampton to Okehampton via Meldon viaduct platform, reversing with a 15-minute stop to view the viaduct, followed by a 10-minute stop at Okehampton en route to the Network Rail boundary, just short of the old Coleford Junction. It then ran back to Okehampton.

The reporting numbers of the train started as 2M02 Okehampton (O) to Meldon (M), then 2C03 (M) to Coleford (C), 2M04 C to M, 2C05 M to C, 2M06 C to M, 2C07 M to C, and 2K08 C to O.

The train was remarshalled in the evening with the ‘Crompton’ replacing the ‘Peak’ on the Meldon end, with the resident Class 47 No. 47828 on the Crediton end. On the Sunday, the train worked the same three return trips, but the Class 47 only worked the first and was replaced by No. 45060 for the two remaining return trips.

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