Book launch at RM's Statfold readers' day

Book launch at RM's Statfold readers' day

30 June 2015

For those of you attending or planning to attend the Railway Magazine readers’ day at the Statfold Barn Railway, there’s an additional attraction - a book launch.

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Striking ferry workers in second “Chunnel” blockade

30 June 2015

STAFF from the ferry firm My Ferry Link, who are angry that the Eurotunnel Group has sold two ferries to DFDS, have again blockaded the tracks from the Channel Tunnel and set fire to tyres

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Chiltern to auction Class 67 nameplates

Chiltern to auction Class 67 nameplates

30 June 2015

Chiltern Railways is giving members of the public the chance to snap up a piece of railway history by auctioning off four Class 67 nameplates. The nameplates were carried by Class 67 locos used by the now defunct Wrexham & Shropshire Railway, that were more recently in service with Chiltern, but have been displaced by Class 68 locos.

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Feature Articles



1 July 2015

Where Gresley Pacifics once congregated, a steam locomotive is running again… but it’s hidden from public view and the track on which it runs is doomed. Nick Brodrick explains.

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Treatment of Great Train Robbery driver

14 November 2013

I AGREE with what you say about the renaming of Train Robbers Bridge (Oct) but not what you say about the treatment of driver Jack Mills by British Railways after the incident.

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How a Virgin Pendolino got the X-Men branding

7 April 2014

Branding a train with a vinyl wrap or selective vinyl patches is a complex and interesting activity. Here for the first time, courtesy of Stewart Signs and Virgin Trains, is a speeded up stage-by-stage view of the process from the initial discussion and design stage to the application of the vinyls to the full sized train. Pendolino No. 390155 was launched into traffic by stars Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy at London Euston on March 31.

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